About Olive

Our Mission Statement

Olive amplifies the messages of the most positively powerful people and brands to support them in making a bigger impact.

Our Logo Design

Our mark tells our story. At the very core, we are storytellers.

Our Team Players

This team works smart and hard. We are equal parts fun and driven. We value quality and quantity. We think big picture and are laser focused. We want to reach the world, but we work on each campaign for the one. We believe in the life changing power of public relations because we have seen it in action. We work hard together and we play hard together. We know that we support each other and that gives us each just the little extra courage to try things people tell us are impossible. We all love to celebrate, but we love to win even more. We believe in being the best and we do what it takes to remain on the cutting edge.

For Jenn, it's all about creating access so clients with powerful messages can be heard around the globe. She's committed to amplifying voices and supporting clients in making the difference they wish to make.

Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg


At first glance you would never guess this seemingly quiet petite blonde could possibly be such a force. But seriously, this girl packs a heavy punch with top tier media coverage and strategy that wins every time. Clients love her, we love her, and you are going to love her too.

Jaclyn Walian

Account Supervisor

To call her a PR Powerhouse is an understatement, but we like to call her our "City Girl." She has cleverly mastered promoting cities, downtowns and neighborhoods and while she's known for securing jaw dropping national and international media coverage, she gets hyper local too.

Courtney Rose

Senior Account Executive

A chameleon of voices, this social butterfly is passionate about balancing beautiful images that say what clients mean to say while delicately pairing them with meaningful copy. The result: engaging powerful purposeful campaigns. Toss in a splash of data obsession and you have the perfect recipe for social media perfection.

Samantha Hewitt

Senior Community Manager

Rachel's wit and style are apparent the moment you meet her. She brings with her a deep-seated passion for stepping into her client’s shoes and authentically telling their story. Her eye for detail shines through in eloquent copy, aptly dappled with charm, which she always pairs perfectly with curated visuals - just like her outfits.

Rachel Helmer

Senior Community Manager

Whether it's a pitch, a media list, a live event, or how she's styled, Christina always brings her A game. Specializing in national consumer lifestyle, she is your go to for all things trending, pop-culture, and cool. With relentless drive and dedication, she hits hard right out of the gate for every account she touches.

Christina Lucchesi

Account Executive

A So-Cal native, Hannah didn’t need to travel far to kick off her PR career. After less than two months as an Olive intern, we snagged her right up. Her natural talent and ability to dive in and get it right from the start were undeniably unique. She rocks whatever she touches and has secured coverage all over the nation.

Hannah Rolak

Junior Account Executive

Our resident Jersey girl claims to have fallen for Olive, but it's the other way around. We saw her aggressive drive and knew right away she was one of us. She has found her calling on the local side illuminating events, organizations and lifestyle companies. Did we mention she plays lacrosse? We know... she's cool.

Lauren Spinelli

Account Coordinator

Driven to make a difference in the world, Jillian loves seeing how the results she and her team produce make a personal impact on her client’s lives. A life lover, fun seeker, and true creative, everything she does soars beyond expectations.

Jillian Sellard

Account Coordinator

Equal parts creative, determined, and committed, Allison dives into every account and quickly masters their voice. A social media addict with a focus on the positive things in life, she delivers dynamic content that educates and excites audiences, connects with social influencers, and knows how to launch a badass campaign. Nough said.

Allison Diroll

Social Media Coordinator

Our Clients