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Football and Public Relations: More Similar Than You Think?


By: Lauren Spinelli

Success in any sport all comes down to teamwork. As many coaches say, you’re only as strong as your weakest player and if one fails, we all fail. In football, when the quarterback is blitzed and the guards aren’t ready to defend the ball, the whole team is impacted. At Olive PR Solutions, we as a team all strive for that common goal – for that perfect media hit, for a successful social media campaign, for our client’s overall success. These things can only be achieved with a strong team, and at Olive, we protect the ball. more

The Voices Heard Around the World


By: Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

If you ask me, Sunday night’s Grammys were off the charts. If the talent, grace, and power displayed have anything to do with what kind of year we can expect, I would say we are poised to have the best year ever.

Here is why I love this awards show so much. more

Being Authentic in Business: What Does it Mean?


By: Jaclyn Walian

Here at Olive, the word “authentic” is one that is used a lot. It’s one of our core values and I truly believe it is what sets us a part. Just the other day we were talking to a new client who we had only had two conversations with and they said they could already tell that we are different than other PR firms they had worked with in the past (in a good way, of course). While we actually hear that quite often, I think it still always surprises me because my initial thought is, “doesn’t everyone work like us?” I guess not… more